The Caelian Cycle


Lost - Book 1

After an unexpected display of power, a teenage girl strives to control her Talent while hunted by an egomaniac intent on using her to dominate those without abilities.

Shift - Book 3

Sadie is forced to learn the painful lesson that true strength comes from within.  When the true nature of her powerful Talent reveals itself, Sadie finds herself the reluctant pivot point of a country on the brink. 

Bound - Book 2

Sadie trains her body and Talent with the HCA. When tragedy strikes, a new enemy emerges.  Friends and allies unite against a new evil as Sadie’s past and future collide in a world thrown into chaos.


The Caelian Cycle Boxed Set


Redeem - A Caelian Cycle Novella

A boy without a voice. A teen without a home. A man without hope. Kian struggles with his personal demons until he discovers his redemption in a box of cold case files.