End of March Roundup

Hello Beautiful People!

This was supposed to post on March 31st... Oops! 

March has been one hell of a month. It started off fun and full of adventure as my family went on our yearly big camping trip. This year we went to Big Bend National Park. We went last fall, but it was with my husbands grandparents and we didn't have much say over what we did or where we went. 

Camping in Big Bend, Texas

Camping in Big Bend, Texas

But we loved the area. Especially me - I fell in love with a little town called Marfa, a little hipster town in the middle of the dessert. The town is filled with both modern culture and history, but what attracted me the most was their mystery lights. Especially since - while I'm finishing Shift, I've been working on my next book which is set in a desert town in southwest Texas. The mystery lights fit with the lore of my next world and I just adored being able to immerse myself in Marfa. 

Other than a little book research, my family and I hiked a lot and enjoyed the ABSOLUTELY amazing view of the night sky at Big Bend. The park is one of the few places in America that can boast having low light pollution, making the night sky brilliant. My future Space Engineer son (his idea, not mine) enjoyed looking through his new telescope at his favorite constellations.

My future Space Engineer listening to a lecture on Solar Flares.

My future Space Engineer listening to a lecture on Solar Flares.

One of the Big Telescopes at McDonalds Observatory

One of the Big Telescopes at McDonalds Observatory

While in the area, we visited McDonalds observatory where my son and I got to listen to a few presentations on mapping the night sky and solar observations - Yes, my 5-year-old son was interested - he hates to read, but will listen to an astronomer drone on and on about zodiac constellations. My entire family went to the star party where we had the chance to look through their telescopes at differently heavenly bodies. Our favorite was Jupiter and three of his moons.

I'm so glad my family had the chance to get away and have such an amazing time together, but as we drove home I received some news that shook me to my core...

If you have read any part of my acknowledgements in The Caelian Cycle or just know me in person, I am a member of a group of women/moms who all had children the same month and year. We call ourselves the JanMoms. We're a tight group who have multiple get together's throughout the year. We share joys and heartaches. We are a support group. 

I was close to one amazing woman in particular, Jo. She and I bonded over our love of geek culture, anime, and fan fiction. It was Jo who encouraged me to write and publish my book. It was Jo, along with Kathryn (another awesome JanMom), who read Lost before anyone else. 

Needless to say, we were pretty thick. 

Jo & I a few years back

Jo & I a few years back

On my way home from vacation, I get the news that Jo passed away. She had been struggling with some issues due to a surgical complication for months and her body finally gave out, but it was a shock to me. Before I had left, she had gone home and was doing better. During the vacation, we had no electricity and a signal was hard pressed to come by so I didn't see that she went back in to the hospital.

I was blindsided. 

Her passing tore my heart in two, but not just because the world lost an amazing woman. My heart broke for her husband and daughter - who is the same age as my son. With help from my fellow JanMom's I was able to go to her funeral the weekend after we got back from vacation. It was hard to witness, but I'm incredibly glad I had the chance to say goodbye.

The rest of March flew by in a blur, there was Holy Week, my grandfather's cancer came back, and another funeral to attend. Next thing I know I'm looking at April. I hope that I find peace in April. 

With lots of love!!! Stay awesome.


Hello Beautiful People!

Writing Shift has been a difficult road. Between the holidays and New Year funk, I got really behind on my schedule. Then I hit a wall - Not only do I just don't want to write, but everything I write is crap. CRAP I tell you. Thank GOD for the editing process. 

There's nothing I can say to explain just how horrible it is when, as writer, you go through this self-hate mental block. It's so hard because as I am writing, I am mentally rolling my eyes at myself. This crap-fest going on here doesn't just apply to my novels - no it has spilled over into my freelancing jobs. So, I decided that I needed a new lease on life and possibly a break. 

I have recognized that I've given myself undue stress by setting deadlines. Isn't freedom one of the reasons I chose to self-publish? YES.  So, I'm not longer allowing myself to stress about getting my books out fast (sorry those who are patiently waiting the releases).

Secondly, I've taken a short sabbatical with my freelance work and my family had decided to do a little traveling when my husband can get a way. It's going to be awesome! I cannot wait to share our adventures. 

Stay tuned. Soon I will reveal a teaser image for Shift followed by the playlist. I'm trying to set up a cover reveal tour, so we will see how that goes. I honestly cannot wait to share the cover for Shift. It is amazing and probably the best one out of the series. It's my favorite - for sure.

Until then... Stay Awesome!

Did You Miss Me?

Hello Beautiful People!

I'm baaaaaack! Our vacation to south Texas was awesome - except the whole rainy part at the end, but it's Texas and weather cannot be predicted. However, I realized two things on this vacation. 1. I really need a DSLR camera. Pictures taken on your phone just don't do the scenery justice and 2. I'm so glad I decided to set my second book series in that area because now I have a legit, tax right-off excuse to go back. Just look at this:

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

This trip came at an awesome time because I REALLY needed a break. I've been working on some final touches on the third and final book of The Caelian Cycle's outline and finished the preliminary's on a Caelian Cycle Novella that will be released before the final book next year. YAY! 


I didn't set out to write any novella's, but Kian's story kept begging to be told. (Plus, I know a few fangirls who love themselves some Kian and I aim to please).The novella is from Kian's perspective and WILL NOT contain spoilers to the series (it will have hints though), but will open up some of the mystery to Kian's past and explain some of the weirdo choices he has made throughout the series. 

This week, I will resume my weekly inspirational board posts, finishing my Caelian Crew from Lost. I haven't quite decided if I'm going to do the norms or start on the new characters from Bound to celebrate it's release next Monday. Which reminds me, this is your last week to purchase Lost for $0.99.

As always, STAY AWESOME!

So Sorry...

Hello lovelies,

I'm so sorry I haven't been active lately here or in my social media accounts. Things have been crazy around here: mom-cations, home school, and next week a family vacation.

When I get back, we will be getting on the bandwagon because Bound will be releasing soon. I'll post an excerpt and maybe a few more tidbits about the characters. Before I leave on Sunday for family vacation/ research for the next book installment (no Caelian Cycle), I'll post my inspiration board for John.

Until then, please accept my humble apologies. 

Stay Awesome!

Inspiration Board - Madison

Hello Beautiful People!

This time of year is always busy for the Tyner clan. Homeschool begins for the boy and I’m going to attempt to bring my 2-year-old in some activities – Lord help me! We also love to vacation this time of year. This weekend, I get the wonderful opportunity to go on a mom-cation with my mommy group. It will be nice to have a weekend out with the girls.

Pretty soon, we will be visiting Big Bend National Park and some of the surrounding area so be prepared for my social media to blast plenty of pictures. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to go, the area is where I will be setting my duology that will be published after I finish the Caelian cycle. 

Today we're going to look at...


Madison is probably my favorite character in Lost, but there is a new character being introduced in Bound that I adore as well and would probably have to fight for top spot. Knowing Madison, she would take me up on that offer. It’s probably narcissistic that I love Madison so much because according to those who know me, she is the one character most like my own personality.

That may or may not be so, but I do know that I didn’t base her off myself (not intentionally). Madison’s character came from the days when I worked with teenagers at my church. I had the opportunity to work with some girls who were hardened by their different lives and it was those girls who my heart spoke to the most. Each girl had a different story and each dealt with the hardships in their life from mild personality quirks to some self-destructive behavior. Madison is a version of those girls who closed themselves off from all except those closest to them and those girls who had such low self-esteem that they sought out multiple sex partners in order to fill that hole in their heart that only loving yourself can fill. I wanted to give those girls the representation they deserve.

In Bound, Madison goes through some amazing highs and incredible lows that will break down her walls and rock everything she thought she knew about herself and the world around her. My goal for each character in the Caelian cycle it to become a better version of themselves by the end of the story. 

Stay Awesome!



So this is where I have been these past few days and it was GLORIOUS!

There is truly nothing better than camping on the beach, cramped inside a small tent with my family. We slept 10 feet away from the ocean. Who needs a sleep machine? Right?

Although it was amazing, I am glad to be home where there are showers and less sand in unmentionable places.

Enough bragging. I spent a significant portion of the trip to and from vacation editing my manuscript. I finished my revisions and it is currently with my beta readers!! 


Right now we have a tentative release date of June 5th! 

- Donnielle