Sweet, Sweet Summertime

Hello beautiful people!

I'm so sorry I haven't been active on the website or on twitter as of late. I've been taking a little break to enjoy the amazing weather we're having in Texas this summer.

If you have never lived or visited Texas in the summer, let me just gush how AWESOME this year has been. Usually by July 4th, the grass is turning brown from no rain and the heat. The heat index would be in the 110's daily for at least three weeks by now. It usually is in the low 80's at day break, which means you could break a sweat walking to your car at 6 FREAKING AM.

This spring/ early summer we had weeks of rain that shifted everything in our state. The grass is green, we've been blessed with a cool breeze, and the mornings are a lovely 75 degrees. 

In Texas, you can never take good weather for granted because it could shift dramatically and be Hell on Earth any day now, hence my absence. Kids gotta play and this girl needs to soak up the sun while catching up on her reading. 


PS: Lost will be on Tour from July 6th - 24th, so my social media will be blitzed out.