Hello Beautiful People!

Writing Shift has been a difficult road. Between the holidays and New Year funk, I got really behind on my schedule. Then I hit a wall - Not only do I just don't want to write, but everything I write is crap. CRAP I tell you. Thank GOD for the editing process. 

There's nothing I can say to explain just how horrible it is when, as writer, you go through this self-hate mental block. It's so hard because as I am writing, I am mentally rolling my eyes at myself. This crap-fest going on here doesn't just apply to my novels - no it has spilled over into my freelancing jobs. So, I decided that I needed a new lease on life and possibly a break. 

I have recognized that I've given myself undue stress by setting deadlines. Isn't freedom one of the reasons I chose to self-publish? YES.  So, I'm not longer allowing myself to stress about getting my books out fast (sorry those who are patiently waiting the releases).

Secondly, I've taken a short sabbatical with my freelance work and my family had decided to do a little traveling when my husband can get a way. It's going to be awesome! I cannot wait to share our adventures. 

Stay tuned. Soon I will reveal a teaser image for Shift followed by the playlist. I'm trying to set up a cover reveal tour, so we will see how that goes. I honestly cannot wait to share the cover for Shift. It is amazing and probably the best one out of the series. It's my favorite - for sure.

Until then... Stay Awesome!

January: an update

Hello Beautiful People!

Hi! How are ya?

Well... I have been in a bit of a writing slump lately. January is ALWAYS the worst month for me - seriously. Life is overwhelming right now and that is after I have all the other "new year" things to deal with. The beginning of the year has always been full of too much LIFE STUFF that I can never seem to find the time or motivation to do anything besides make sure the kids are being taking care of and well... exist.

However, things have been looking up. There has been a huge re-working of our daily schedules that made me fall behind on my word count goals so sadly, I will probably have to push back SHIFT's release until April 2016

Fear not! All the Tyner's are adjusting and *fingers crossed* everything will be OKAY.

With the extra time until SHIFT's release, I have some cool things planned that will (hopefully) pump everybody up. Those things are Shh-Shh-Secrete-Quite. However I can tell you that in the next few weeks, I will be able to get the blurb (maybe have the playlist ready) and have a cover reveal for SHIFT - so that's awesome.

Finally, I decided to host a few book tours on the site. Not a whole bunch because ain't nobody got time for that. I've been considering this for a while because I want to help promote other self-published authors and to be transparent - the traffic to my site wouldn't hurt. Also, I'd like to read and review the books that interest me.

Love you guys! Here's to February 2016 arriving with it's 29 days of getting my life back in order. I CAN DO THIS!

Stay Awesome!!!


2015: A Year in Review

Hello Beauties!

This year has been crazy. There have been blissful highs and some craptastic lows, but if I had to give 2015 a label it would be: BEGINNINGS. There had been more than a fair share of drama this past year (which for an introvert is like THE WORST). HOWEVER, other than having a house that wouldn’t stop breaking, raising/homeschooling an emotional 4-year-old and his “needs an anger management therapist” 2-year-old sister, and enough external family issues that Jerry would probably book us for a few episodes… There was one constant through it all:

My writing. 2015 has been the year of writing for me and that is the biggest and most satisfying beginning of 2015. I finally realized my dream! 2015 is the first year since I started writing that I said to myself “I WILL PUBLISH”.  

Publishing Lost has been one of my greatest accomplishments and it has also been a huge learning experience. Never would I have ever expected the amount of work outside actual writing there would be. Marketing has been a thorn in my side, but I have eventually navigated the waters and overcame an almost crippling fear of putting myself out there. (Mind you this is all online – talk to me about my books in person and I’ll clam up and blush fire)!

2015 has been the year of:

  •          131,000 words written
  •          432 book related emails
  •          180ish new followers on Twitter & Facebook
  •          104 novels read
  •          33 Blog posts – which is more than I have EVER written
  •          5 solid NEW ideas for upcoming novels
  •                3 finished books
  •                1 W.I.P.
  •         0 sanity - which I'm considering an accomplishment

2015, on a personal front:

  •        Two healthy, intelligent children who grow every day
  •        A husband who continues to be supportive and amazing
  •        3 family camping trips
  •        A newly acquired camper which will allow us the ability to do more in 2016
  •        Sadly, less time and motivation for the gym.

Overall, 2015 has been a success (although I really need to take time for fitness again). The week after Christmas is the time to look back on our accomplishments and take that momentum to push further in the following year.

May 2016 be the best year yet! 

Stay Awesome in 2016!!!

Christmas Anxiety

Hello Beautiful People,

Every year, I enter the holiday season with mixed emotions. For example, I am always ridiculously saddened by the thought of a year ending, but in the same breath, bouncing in my seat excited to see what the new year will bring.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I struggle with anxiety. Usually it comes in the form of worrying about random things until I feel like I can control whatever messed up scenario my brain has concocted at the moment and usually it is very morbid. Such as last night, my family was riding home after a lovely dinner with my grandparents. We had Christmas music blaring. We were singing off key and in order to keep my two-year-old awake for the 20-minute ride home, I had the lights on and was encouraging her to dance to the music just like mommy. Well, at one point during the merriment my brain decided to throw in this random gem “If we had a car crash right now, I’m glad this will be the kids last memory of me.”

Whoa. Right? Welcome to my mind.  

Those random thoughts will sometimes just spike my anxiety for a few seconds or more often send me into a few spiraling minutes of obsessing over details, but there are times my anxiety stems from my own personality.

I write YA and love to read YA books (and more recently I’ve been enjoying a few “adult” paranormal novels). Everyone who has read the genre knows of at least one character who’s introverted. It seems to be a thing just like red haired girls and alpha males. Although, the introverted trope attached to many main characters sticks to the same “I’m a shy, loner who prefers books to people and hates being in crowds” theme who I’m sure many introverted people can relate to, it is not how I relate to being introverted.

Sure, I seriously do prefer books to 95% of humanity and I definitely can identify as a loner at times, but that is not who I am. There isn’t much that is “shy” about me. I’m quiet (until you get to know me) and I’m introspective, but I do know how to be in a crowd and will sometimes enjoy it - although how long I last before I’m ready to recede to my cave is another matter altogether.

My identity as an introvert stems from my desire to limit my time with people who don’t rank high on my importance scale and spend my limited social energy on those who truly matter to me. So here’s my Christmas dilemma… every year, I am excited for Christmas. For the family. The food. The presents. The joy on my kids (and nieces/ nephews) faces. It’s ALL super awesome. BUT I hate it all the same.

Christmas is just that time of year where everyone expects a large piece of your time/energy and you feel obliged to give it. It's the season for giving after-all. There is not enough “me time” to recharge so I can get back out there and be a smiling bundle of Christmas joy. Instead by the time Christmas rolls around, I’ve been pulled in so many directions and obligated to do so many activities that I am a veritable Grinch.

Which is another thing I hate.

So this year, I have been using my “say no if I really don’t want to” rule that I enforce throughout the rest of the year. It’s 8 days till Christmas and I’m still feeling Merry and excited for the many Christmas celebrations still waiting. It’s been a serious improvement on my mental health and I have even been able to sneak in quite a bit of writing time (unlike every December since I started writing in Junior High).

I hope I can keep this momentum going and if you struggle with anxiety or are just an introvert struggling to stay Merry this season – don’t overwhelm yourself and try (I know it’s hard) to let those worries roll off your shoulders.

Merry Christmas and Stay Awesome!

Inspiration Board - John

Hello Beautiful People!

This week has been full of excitement on the book front. I finalized lots of plans for our Caelian Crew and finally decided on a name for the Kian novella that will be released before the final installation of The Caelian Cycle. 

Writing has been hard on me lately. My family of four live in a pseudo-tiny house. Honestly, it's only 200 square feet bigger than an official tiny home - I think we deserve some credit. In order to make room for some adjustments (ie: we REALLY wanted to start having family meals), I had to move my writing nook in my bedroom. Usually that wouldn't be a big thing, but my daughter - bless her heart - will only nap in my room & she's the lightest sleeper in the history of humanity. 

That leaves me in a pickle since MY time to write is usually limited to nap time. BUT thank the stars for husbands who are SUPER AWESOME. Mr. Tyner has been coming home from work and corralling those munchkins to give me a few spare minutes a day to get some work done.

Hopefully, this will be a short lived hiccup.

Now! Back to the blog title. Today we are looking at:


So John is one of my favorite characters. I'm not going to lie, I have mad love for Sadie's entire crew, but John is a special blend of people who I admire for their carefree attitude - an attribute I do not have. 

First, his name - John. It's no surprise to those who know me that I would name this particular character after my crazy baby brother. John (my brother) has always been the one person who comes around and... BAM! I'm in a good mood. He is a joker, a little man-whorish - you know I love you, bro - a fighter, but mostly he's just plain good-natured. My John, works with adolescences with mental illnesses and wants to get his masters degree so he can be a therapist for autistic kids. That takes a special kind of person and I'm so incredibly proud to be his sister. 

Book John is also a mixture of a few ladies in my mommy group - JanMom's. A year ago, I went to a get-together with about 23 of the 190 ladies in our group. We've "known" each other for 5 years by this point, but I had never been in a group situation with any of them before.  Needless to say, I was petrified and I made the mistake of telling the group before catching my flight.

Now, If you ever meet me in real life, I'm reserved and bashful. Eventually, I'll warm up to you and you'd probably wish I'd shut up. But that is not the point of this story. My first day with the group, I had my personal space invaded in many MANY ways. Let's just say that when writing Lost, I think I may have subconsciously put a few things that happened in the book. 

It was probably my psyche's way of dealing with the trauma. :D

Anyway, book John has so much love and life to give that he's an intricate part of Sadie's group. He balances the group - not just with his masculinity, but his carefree nature is what probably keeps that particular group of teenage girls grounded. 

See you again next week! Stay Awesome!

So Sorry...

Hello lovelies,

I'm so sorry I haven't been active lately here or in my social media accounts. Things have been crazy around here: mom-cations, home school, and next week a family vacation.

When I get back, we will be getting on the bandwagon because Bound will be releasing soon. I'll post an excerpt and maybe a few more tidbits about the characters. Before I leave on Sunday for family vacation/ research for the next book installment (no Caelian Cycle), I'll post my inspiration board for John.

Until then, please accept my humble apologies. 

Stay Awesome!

Sweet, Sweet Summertime

Hello beautiful people!

I'm so sorry I haven't been active on the website or on twitter as of late. I've been taking a little break to enjoy the amazing weather we're having in Texas this summer.

If you have never lived or visited Texas in the summer, let me just gush how AWESOME this year has been. Usually by July 4th, the grass is turning brown from no rain and the heat. The heat index would be in the 110's daily for at least three weeks by now. It usually is in the low 80's at day break, which means you could break a sweat walking to your car at 6 FREAKING AM.

This spring/ early summer we had weeks of rain that shifted everything in our state. The grass is green, we've been blessed with a cool breeze, and the mornings are a lovely 75 degrees. 

In Texas, you can never take good weather for granted because it could shift dramatically and be Hell on Earth any day now, hence my absence. Kids gotta play and this girl needs to soak up the sun while catching up on her reading. 


PS: Lost will be on Tour from July 6th - 24th, so my social media will be blitzed out.