Writer's Block

I don't think I've truly experienced writer's block in it's true definition - inability to produce new work or a creativity slowdown, but I have experienced what I call Writers Attention Deficit Disorder.

WADD is when you know you need to write, but - oh look over there- something shiny and new and fun or you have an burning need to write a new blog post. *heh* OR when you are writing your current project and know exactly what you need to say and where the story is heading then... 

You get this amazing idea for another project and it's so cool. YOU MUST WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN NOW OR THE WORLD WILL END!

I am currently flip flopping between both spectrum's of WADD at the moment. At first, I was just taking a break to read these three eBooks I had pre-ordered months ago that were just released. Then, my husband bought us a shiny new bicycle trailer, so now we can drag the rug-rats out with us on our rides.

Now, I can't get two other projects off my mind. Grant it, when the time comes for me to start them I will have an awesome baseline to start outlining and world building, but come on, Donnielle, get your act together.

Now back to push through another 1,000 words on the second installment of the Caelian Cycle.

Wish me luck!

Writing is hard, y'all!

With two small kids at home, one who I homeschool and another who demands my attention every moment of the day, it's hard to find time to write. It is one of the main reasons why I didn't start until after I turned 30 (even though it has been my dream since I was a freshman in high school). This has been my biggest lesson as a writer - forcing myself to find the time. Even when uninspired, I have to write. 

This has been me all day.

I am literally forcing out the words. They aren't innovated or even good. A few times today, I had to ask my husband "what am I trying to say here" because I cannot even think clearly. BUT I have a 1,000 word daily writing goal and it needs to be met.

Today's mantra: you can fix this during copy edits.

So with that thought, I slug back to my Word document and force out another 250 words on the second installment of The Caelian Cycle so I can hang out with my family and then catch up on Game of Thrones. Seriously, we're still in season 2. I know. We are ashamed.