Pluto Obsessed.

Photo from NASA's Instagram account.

Photo from NASA's Instagram account.

Hello all you beautiful people!

I've been scouring the Internet for all things Pluto. How could you not after seeing Pluto's big heart? I've been showing my kids pictures and telling them how New Horizons launched before they were born. My daughter, being the sassy two year old was indifferent. But my son has been excited to learn more. He's got a invested interest in space since he want's to be a space engineer. When I showed him this picture, he asked why the planet has giant heart cutie mark. Bless his little heart.

My generation has collectively been on a roller coaster ride of emotions involving Pluto. We will always regard it as the ninth planet. How else would "My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza's"? I just can't think of a mnemonic that would work with just 8 planets, or at least one as awesome.

It amazes me how humanity is starting it's expansion into space and I wonder how advanced our technology will become in the next few years. Hopefully by the time my 4 year old officially becomes a space engineer, he will be able to build a human colony on Mars or be involved in the creation of a spaceship that takes human's on a deep space mission Star Trek style.

Stay Awesome!