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Hello Fellow Authors!

I’m a firm believer that every author needs a beta reader, someone who will provide them with honest feedback. A someone who isn't a friend or family member. That’s why I’m here to offer my services.

What's a beta-reader? A beta reader is not a line editor or proofreader. I will not offer these type of services. Instead, as your beta-reader, I will view your mostly finished/finished manuscript as a reader and either offer positive feedback – which you may use as a testimonial - or constructive feedback. My job as your beta-reader is to focus on the writing, characters, plot and pacing, as well as pointing out any inconsistencies to help YOU - the author - improve before submitting your work to a professional editor.

Why should you use me instead of anyone else? Simple, I know what readers want because I’m a reader.  An avid one at that. On a weekly average, I will read up to 3 books – depending on how my schedule is. I'm not afraid to be honest with you about what doesn't work and I will offer you the best advice to reach your target audience. I have spent years interacting with book bloggers and fellow self-published authors before I published my own novel. These interactions allowed me a unique perspective on what readers like – and don’t like. In my feedback, I will distinguish between what doesn’t work for the book and what doesn’t work for me personally. 

If you need more convincing... I have a degree in Literature focusing on creative writing.

As a reader and an author, I tend to gravitate towards specific genre’s – although I do enjoy most fiction. My preferred genres are Young Adult, New Adult, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, and Action/Adventure. Other genres I like to read, but it really, REALLY depends on the premise is Mystery/Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, and Contemporary.

I do NOT accept Non-Fiction or Horror.

If your manuscript is finished or nearly-finished and you want an honest beta-reading, then please fill out the form to the left with as much information as possible. (I won’t share any information – promise) Before you apply, please check out the Pricing information below. I want you to have the best experience possible.

Thank you for considering me as your Beta Reader. 



*** The questionnaire allows me to see if your manuscript would be a good fit for me. I reserve the right to reject any book for any reason if I don't feel it will be a good fit for myself. Upon acceptance of your manuscript you will receive further instructions for sharing your book cover and manuscript.


I charge $ 0.001 per word.
Example -  30,000 words x $.001 = $30
Payment due after the beta-read service has been rendered.


Thank you for your review of my manuscript. You criticism and praise were both enlightening. But most of all your assistance, after the review, in answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction was special. It was way beyond what I had expected from a beta read.

I greatly appreciate you help.
— Ed Zukusky, Author
Donnielle’s suggestions for improvement showed she made a careful, considered reading. My book will be better thanks to her!
— Ray Else, Author of the A.I. Chronicles
Donnielle has tremendous instincts for story structure and character arc, and my manuscript was vastly improved thanks to her insights. She was helpful, friendly, professional, and has my highest recommendation.
— Tom Camozzi, Science Fiction Author
Donnielle is a terrific Beta Reader. She delivered her review promptly. She nailed the characters - which is an important indication that she understood the book. Her detailed comment embedded in the copy she returned to me were both encouraging and helpful. Some of her catches were easily fixed. A couple of others pointed out major problems that I am in the process of addressing. I am very grateful for her time and effort.
— Joe Clark, Author

What to Expect From Me?

Feedback - My feedback will be detailed, including any criticisms. If you have any questions, I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Thoroughness – All comments – positive or not – will be detailed. My advice will cover every aspect from characters to writing to plot.

Honesty – You are guaranteed an honest opinion. If, for whatever reason, I cannot look at your work objectively – I will offer a full refund.

Speed - I am a fast reader and on average will get back with you within three-four weeks, sometimes sooner. Let me know if you have a deadline to meet and we can talk expedited prices. 

Privacy – My comments and criticism will never be publicized until you are ready to share them. Writing/posting a review for your beta-read book is optional. If I choose to write a review for your book, I will offer you a chance to read it before posting it to my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon. However, the only acceptable change I’m willing to make is if you want me to mention that the review was based off on a beta read. As a service to you, I will not post any reviews below three stars.

What Do I Expect From You?

Feedback - Please respond to my emails in a timely manner. My time is just as important as yours. Upon acceptance of your manuscript, I will expect you to be in communication with me should I have questions. If I don’t hear back from you within 72 hours, I will not continue beta reading your manuscript.  

Honesty – Honesty goes both ways. So please be honest with me too.

Kindness – Kind dialogue is key to a beta reader/author relationship. If you disagree with any feedback I have given for your book - that's fine! I get it! Criticism is hard to swallow, especially when it involves something you pour into – like your manuscript. But as an author you will have to learn to deal with the criticism. Especially from your beta readers and editors – we are here to help you become better at your craft.

If I did not get something out of your manuscript that you wanted me to, please don’t argue with me about it. Share what your intentions were and what you are trying to get across. I will work with you on a solution to communicated it clearer. If it wasn’t clear to me, it is likely that it will not be clear to your intended audience.

Please Remember: You are coming to me voluntarily for an honest opinion because you'd rather hear the hard stuff now rather than later, once your book is published.