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Shift - Book 3 of The Caelian Cycle

Sadie is forced to learn the painful lesson that true strength comes from within.  When the true nature of her powerful Talent reveals itself, Sadie finds herself the reluctant pivot point of a country on the brink. 


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As We Rise: Rogue

It's been 48 days since Jo Cygni's father died, leaving her the CS Kismet and its crew of space-born misfits.  Despite a lifetime of preparation, Jo never thought she would captain her own ship before her 21st birthday.  

Broke and determined to prove she is worthy of command, Jo pushes aside her political concerns and accepts a commission from the Galactic Consulate. 

The job? Launch a load of sealed crates into a nearby star. 
The catch?  Don't open the containers

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Hello! I’m Donnielle Tyner, writer of Science Fiction for young and new adults, reader of just about anything that catches my interests – mainly books with science fiction, paranormal/ fantasy, and romantic themes, and lover of science, tabletop games, anime, comic books, and crude humor.

I grew up in north Texas on a cattle ranch and although I have travelled extensively, I cannot seem to find myself living more than an hour away from where I was raised. Growing up, I was always the weird girl in school and luckily, I never lost my ability to always be the weirdest one in the room. You will always find me making inappropriate jokes and gigglesnorting at every double entendre.

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